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Originally, we designed the HydroCar with the Chevy ZZ572 / 620 hp engine in mind for the powerplant, but when all the performance crate engines currently available were thoroughly researched, our choice became an easy one:


The World Products 572 engine is rated at 750hp with 705 ft. lbs. of torque (Vs. the Chevy’s 620hp and 650 ft. lbs. of torque)


The World Products Hardcore 572 / 750 engine is based on the race-proven Merlin-X aluminum block and cylinder heads, which is not only superior in strength, but also saves us a hundred and fifty pounds over Chevy’s cast iron block.


The engine’s build sheet looks like a "Who’s Who" from the aftermarket performance industry.


The engine comes with a 2-year warranty.

bulletEach and every engine is dyno-tested and certified before it’s crated up and shipped.

Check out all the information on this and other World Products performance engines at: www.worldcastings.com




QUADZILLA 4L80E with ATLAS transfer case (see below)

After researching nearly every high performance transmission manufacturer in the country for the HydroCar project, the choice came down to one. Performance Automotive and Transmission Center’s QUADZILLA 4L80E transmission!  In my mind, there is no substitute!

This is one of the few transmissions in the world up to the challenge of the 750 hp and 705 lbs. of torque produced by the massive 572 cubic inch Merlin Hardcore engine.  There will be no weak links in the HydroCar’s drivetrain!

Check out their site at www.transmissioncenter.net




The Atlas transfer case is an all-gear driven unit that can also handle the horsepower and torque of the 572 cubic inch engine.  It was custom made as a right-hand unit and can be shifted:

Front wheels only for the road.
Prop only for the water.
Front wheels and prop for launches and landings.

Check out their site at www.advanceadapters.com.



Talk about High-Tech - Currie Enterprises Aluminum RockJock 60R housing combines the strength of a Dana 60 with the reduced weight advantages of an all-aluminum housing. Primarily designed for the growing sport of rock crawling, this axle will reliably transfer the HydroCar’s 620 horsepower to the pavement.

Climbing in and out of the water will be further assisted with the use of Tractech’s Detroit Electrac carrier that will change from a positraction to a locker with the flip of a switch.



This four-wheel-steering prototype will also be outfitted with Currie Enterprise’s aluminum steering knuckles at all four corners. Again proving that Currie Enterprises is the leader when it comes to trick off-road and rock crawling driveline components. Fashioned after the Ford F-350 knuckles, these parts were selected to make sure there are no weak points in the drivetrain.

The HydroCar’s stopping power will be supplied by Stainless Steel Brake’s billet calipers at all four corners, plus a manual driveshaft brake for parking.

For more information on Currie Enterprises check them out at www.CurrieEnterprises.com.





Super Street Series Monte Carlo

We would like to introduce the latest addition to our "I really wanna get this car finished someday before I die" crew – Jeffrey’s Auto Body.

With our current paint shop, Colors and Customs, downsizing, and our requirements becoming more demanding (due to the size of the components and our fast-approaching completion deadline), we found it necessary to seek out another quality auto body refinisher to deal with the HydroCar project.

Time and time again, Jeffrey’s Auto Body was recommended – not only for their expertise, but also for their ability to take on the big jobs and the one-off custom jobs – in both a professional and timely manner.

I went to Jeffrey’s and was pleasantly surprised at their facility as well as the staff.  Even so, I started with a few smaller parts, just to see how they turned out.  Needless to say, the main body is now scheduled for paint on September 4, 2007.  Look for updated photos as the car begins to actually come together.

Now, if you’re wondering just what kind of other projects Jeffrey’s Auto Body can handle, sit back, buckle-up and check out their site at www.superstreetseries.com.



Richard Clarke of Colors and Customs in Syracuse, NY, is internationally known for his quality paint and bodywork, specializing in Corvettes and customs as well as general collision work. 

 For more information on Colors and Customs click the link below. 


We only use Miller welding equipment for our projects, and highly recommend their products. 

For more information visit their website at www.MillerWelds.com.



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